We are communicating the truth of God with integrity. Commit to building the Body of Christ, connecting with our community, and sharing Faith, Love, and Acceptance.

Welcome to First Baptist Church of Jeffersonville, a close-knit family where meaningful connections thrive. Our richness extends beyond material wealth; it lies in the depth of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the bonds we share as members of the body of Christ. We are an American Baptist Church.

As we journey together, we engage in worship, service, laughter, tears, learning, and outreach, weaving the tapestry of our collective growth. Rooted in truth derived from the Bible and centered on the gospel— the sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus— we are inspired to be devoted followers of Christ and ambassadors of Heaven.

Our doors stand wide open, inviting you to be a part of this warm community. Our hearts are open, ready to embrace those seeking a place to belong. If you’ve been pondering, praying, searching, and hoping for a welcoming sanctuary, we wholeheartedly say welcome!


Rev Peter McCurdy
Rev Peter McCurdy, Senior Pastor

Rev. Peter McCurdy, our Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Jeffersonville, IN, brings a wealth of experience and a heart dedicated to serving the community. A former missionary with the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, also known as International Ministries, Rev. McCurdy and his fluent Spanish and English-speaking family served in Mexico and Costa Rica. Born in Harrisburg, PA, his call to ministry at eight has guided him throughout his life. Alongside his wife, Sarah, a former French teacher, Rev. McCurdy graduated from Asbury College in 2002 and embarked on pastoral ministry, serving churches in LeRoy, NY, and Painesville, OH. For the previous ten years before starting at FBC, Jeff, in Nov. 2022, was a missionary, pastor to pastors, and an adjunct professor in Costa Rica and Mexico. Rev. McCurdy’s leadership is anticipated to bring innovative ideas, inspiring sermons, and consensus-building skills, enriching First Baptist Church of Jeffersonville’s spiritual growth and community presence.

Kylie Wellborn Administrative Assistant

Kylie Wellborn is our Administrative Assistant at First Baptist of Jeffersonville, IN. She has been with us since June of 2023. She has valuable experience in marketing, business, and hospitality. She is aiding our church in innovation and growth. She holds a business management bachelor’s degree from Azusa Pacific University. Originally from Southern California, Kylie’s upbringing in a Christian home and involvement in church activities has enhanced her skills at FBC of Jeff. With a passion for event planning, Kylie has led dance teams for children’s worship services, women’s Bible studies, and various church programs spanning infancy through high school. With Kylie’s servant heart, she continues to bring about cohesion in our ministry teams, innovative ideas for growth, and expands her role.