First Baptist of Jeff Sunday School

Learn more about the Bible and Jesus in one of our adult Sunday School classes. Classes start at 9:15 Sunday morning and end at 10:15, before the Sunday Service. There is a class for everyone with excellent teachers, so join us on Sunday!

Sunday School Classes

  • Agape – A great class for those who are new to Sunday School and for seasoned Christians. The Bible is explored for the faith’s deep truths.
    (Teacher: Ken Stutsman) Topic: "How to Study the Bible"
  • Metanoia / Women’s Class – The women "young and old" explore a variety of Bible studies and topics. This is a class full of pray and love.
    (Norma Napier) Topic: Book of John with Life Guide Bible Study Booklet
  • Salt Class/Adults – This popular class looks at the Bible piece by piece and discovers the Word that creates the belief.
    (Teacher: Jim Kanning) Topic: Seven Miracles in the Book of John
  • **Traditional Class/Adults – The David C. Cook curriculum is used to learn all about the Scriptures and God’s love for us.
  • Pastor’s Class
    (Pastor Tony Gualtieri) Topic: The Persons of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit
  • NextGen Class – Peer–led biblical discussion for singles and couples; Ages 20s–40s Singles and Marrieds, who gather to study the Word of God in order to better apply it to their relationships in marriage, family, and life. Topics to be studied will vary as they are chosen by the class and may include book or DVD series.
    (Aaron Turner) Topic: "Our Forgiving God"
First Baptist of Jeff Sunday School

Children’s Classes

  • Nursery
    (Rotating schedule of teachers) Topic: Palma-Smiley Series lessons
  • **Ages 2 – 3
    (Katie Rajchel/Sophie Petty; Mary Hampton/Pat Slusher)
  • **Ages 4 – 5
    Kathy/Alyssa Meador; Patti Hadley)
  • **Grades 1–2–3
    (Marcia/Richard Fellows; Brenda Holman/Cassady Friedrich)
  • **Grades 4–5–6
    (Kim/Frank Denton)

  • *These classes use the David C. Cook Bible-in-Life Series.