Deacons and Trustees


The Board of Deacons is charged with:

  • The spiritual advancement of the church and the watch care of its members
  • The preparation and distribution of the Lord’s Supper
  • Cooperation with the Pastor in the general oversight of the church
  • Revision of the church roll once each year
  • Aiding the Pastor in securing pulpit supply when the Pastor is absent, and recommends interim Pastor when the need arises.
  • Assisting those in need in the community.

The number of deacons will be determined annually based on recommendation of the Board of Deacons and church approval at the January business meeting. Their term of office shall be 3 years.

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There are 10 trustees of the church, elected each year for a term of 3 years. The duty of the trustees is to act as legal representatives of the church as described in the Articles of Incorporation or Charter of the church operation in accordance with the laws of the City and the State. The trustees shall be the general overseers of the building and properties of the church, including physical repair and adequate insurance.